Folly Beach Sunrise 129At 50,after an abrupt ending to over twenty years of the life I knew, I found myself heading for a roller coaster ride I could never have imagined.  The ups and downs, the curves and brick walls.  Where was I going and why now?

I’ve always had a curiosity about life.  The whys, the whats, wondering if everyone at my stage is feeling the same way, asking the same questions.  As a kid, I was always reflecting on some element of my feelings.  Today, nothing has changed.  I’m still the same curious girl, with the same whys and whats to answer, just with a little more life to shed on it all.

I started cooking with my mother.  I loved to bake…she could make any pie you asked of her.  I also have a definite love of a great pie.  After marriage and having 3 children, I understood why she spent so much time in the kitchen.  With a house full of kids of all ages most of the time, I decided I had to start getting creative with my dishes.  I will admit that I cook from smell and taste rather than a recipe.  That definitely lends itself to being creative.  I took a creative cooking class that challenged my thought process and went to Italy to learn some incredible dishes from there.  The wine isn’t too much to endure either!  This all would come in handy when I had to get out and earn my own way.

At 50 I had one child left at home and 2 others just starting college.  My life fell apart and I had to figure out, after 20 years of being at home, how to support us.  Cooking was all I had.  So, any job I could get, I took and learned.  What lead me here was working for a weight loss center, creating meals for patients based on the doctor’s plan and the foods they could eat.  From there I cooked for families with special dietary needs. What great challenges.  After that I decided to learn as much as I could and attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to earn my Certification as a Health Coach.  That took cooking to a whole new level and gave me insight into all things possible in a healthy lifestyle.20170327_192255

With all of these things put together…my curiosities, my love of creative healthy cooking and having to start my life from scratch at 50…I found that I wanted to share the importance of self care for all of us aging ever so gracefully.  Aging is a given, what we do with it is up to us.

Live with purpose and embrace all of those years.  They are what made you today!

I hope you enjoy my thoughts and will express your’s as well.  I love to learn what others are thinking and experiencing.